October 2009

Ian Watkinson


Technical Architect. What does that mean? Well I try and get teams of techies to all pull in the same direction and work towards a common goal. Security Consultant.

So you're a project manager then?

Nope, PM's are non-technical, they care about resources, you, me, time and milestones and deadlines. I care about delivering something that works, not whether it's on time or to budget :-) I also tend to design the "thing" behind the project. I currently work for a large telecoms company.

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Hi, I'm Gavin. I've been toying with Linux for the best part of 6 years but still consider myself a novice. I use Debian Etch as my only OS. I've been Linux only for about a year. I'm a power user I suppose - I use software and tinker with it a little. I do a little programming for fun. I get paid to test software. I've only been to one Bring a Box so far, mainly because I just don't have the spare time. Hopefully people will see more of me.

Fan Zhang

I am Fan everybody like to talk me in summer time. I work in Division of Chemistry and Department of Computing, Administrating a few Fedora Core 6s and monitoring the usage of the clusters in Department of Computing. I like Rock climbing, clubbing, lots of things obviously my favourite is Linux!

Etherape Introduction



is a graphical network monitoring tool that shows nodes on a network organised in a circle and any traffic as a link between the two parties. Looking at the picture on the right, it shows all of the computers that have sent data on the network within the last 60 seconds (by default), after which they're removed from the display.

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One of my customers had the misfortune to have a failed hard drive. The immediate symptom was clicking as it tries to boot and then it goes straight into the Linux. The Lilo menu did not appear so no chance of starting in Windows. I rewrote the boot and although that worked it did not last so a new hard drive was ordered. It was important that I made no further attempt to rewrite the boot until a new hard disk was present. The tool I have been using for some years now is Norton Ghost 2003. This runs on DOS and is capable of cloning data from NTFS, FAT and Linux partitions.

Debian Package Management

Some extracts from the mailing list:

What puzzles me is the relationship between, say, dpkg, dselect, apt, apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, uncle tom cobbley etc.

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David Prangnell

David Prangnell - Davyp


Now married and living in Los Angeles... thought it was about time I updated this. Since graduatation I've passed my Linux+ exam, which was a great introduction into Linux Systems Administration. I'm now full time employed working as a Sys Admin in a datacenter that is about 90% Linux filled.


30 year-old sys-admin type. Used to be into GentooLinux, but I now follow the herd and use UbuntuLinux.



Computer-stuff I know a



University of Surrey Directions

University of Surrey directions

Handy links:

Walking info from the town?

Arriving at the train station

Route shown on Google Maps:

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University of Surrey in Guildford

University of Surrey, Guildford

Here are some useful links about getting here - the train station is near campus and the University is just off the A3, so is easy to find.

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