October 2009

Music and Computers Study Group

What is a StudyGroup?



  • Score writing, Music Notation,
  • Sampling, sequencing,
  • Recording/editing,



Initial meeting on 13 Feb 2010, during BaB Meeting.


LAMP Study Group

What is a StudyGroup?


Linux Apache MySQL PHP aka LAMP - a platform for online applications.

An Example Study Group

This detailed example is for a StudyGroup which is a kind of practical Workshops.


An Example - This sentence should be a short description.


Current status of project (waiting for input, meeting planned for x date, etc).


Study Group

I got the idea from a book club that meets in our neighbourhood.

A group of avid book readers select a book they want to read. They each buy a copy of the book, and start reading at the same time. They meet periodically, over a bottle of wine, and a curry, for an evening of discussion about their views + experience of the book. It's a lot of fun.



What are Workshops

Workshop is the term for any purely practical session.

The BringABox days usually have a mix of activities, which works well but resulted in calls for dedicated practical sessions with more time for problem solving, practicals based on the BringABox presentations, jointly researching and discussing a topic, software demos etc.

What are Study Groups

See Study Group page for details.



Remote Joint Sessions

or how to share a terminal with several other users

In May 2004 someone asked the following question on the mailing list: "At one of the Saturday Slug meetings each laptop had a view of the speaker's monitor while he worked the app he was talking about (I think it was vi). I guess this was done via something like VNC. Paul configured my computer in a few seconds and I did not see what he did.

If there is a how to somewhere I would be grateful for the URL - or a quick explanation."

Paul Brook replied:


Richard Baker

Currently a self employed consultant living in Woking. Doing jobs revolving around Unix, Linux, Networks and programming.

Richard Hughes

I'm a 24 year old Linux hacker who lives in Guildford, Surrey. I'm currently studying for my final year in MEng Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of Surrey I'm also the author of GNOME Power Manager (http://www.gnome.org/projects/gnome-power-manager/) and write a few patches for other GNOME software. I've also done a bit of work in the kernel a few years back mainly on CIFS, but at the moment "Power Management" is my main focus.

Pub Meets

       Our evening meetings are generally free-form affairs, we have a drink, catch up on news, discuss technical issues, perhaps have a play on our laptops, etc. Laptops do not always make an appearance at these events!

Next Meeting

Our most recent meeting was on Wednesday 2nd September 2009, starting at 7.30pm at the Kings Head pub in Quarry Street, Guildford.

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Been a UNIX user for ~11 years, mostly FreeBSD and Solaris, and more recently Debian and other Linux distributions. By day I run my own internet hosting business - specialising in server hosting (colo, dedicated, managed). I live in Sutton, and can be be found on IRC as Civ.