Linux Sound Systems


Different sound systems currently used in Linux, Configuring sound systems, Compatibility and how they fit together, Making software play nicely on different installations, Troubleshooting problems.

People Interested

A sound guru will be needed.


64-bit Linux


Most Linux users are currently on 32-bit systems. What are the advantages of going 64-bit? How do you set up a system so that you can run both 32 and 64 bit programs without pain?



Remote Joint Sessions

or how to share a terminal with several other users

In May 2004 someone asked the following question on the mailing list: "At one of the Saturday Slug meetings each laptop had a view of the speaker's monitor while he worked the app he was talking about (I think it was vi). I guess this was done via something like VNC. Paul configured my computer in a few seconds and I did not see what he did.

If there is a how to somewhere I would be grateful for the URL - or a quick explanation."

Paul Brook replied:


Install Intel Atom

How to Install Linux (FC9) on an Intel Atom based Processor/Motherboard

Date: 6 October 2008

The Goal

The goal is to purchase and build an Intel Atom based box and plug it in to a network running

and have Cobbler build the box.

The Challenges

This project involves a number of challenges:-


Etherape Introduction



is a graphical network monitoring tool that shows nodes on a network organised in a circle and any traffic as a link between the two parties. Looking at the picture on the right, it shows all of the computers that have sent data on the network within the last 60 seconds (by default), after which they're removed from the display.

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Debian Package Management

Some extracts from the mailing list:

What puzzles me is the relationship between, say, dpkg, dselect, apt, apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, uncle tom cobbley etc.

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