Ian Watkinson


Technical Architect. What does that mean? Well I try and get teams of techies to all pull in the same direction and work towards a common goal. Security Consultant.

So you're a project manager then?

Nope, PM's are non-technical, they care about resources, you, me, time and milestones and deadlines. I care about delivering something that works, not whether it's on time or to budget :-) I also tend to design the "thing" behind the project. I currently work for a large telecoms company.

So what's a security consultant do?

Well I could tell you, but...


What? Unix, you mean Linux right? Nope, Unix, I use on a regular basis, Solaris, FreeBSD, HPUX, Tru64 and Irix. So, no, Unix. I don't really care which flavour, although regulars will know I do have a slight favourite.


Yup, I can even code, C, C++, PHP and Perl to name a few. I don't tend to do much now, comes of having lots of coders who I can get to do it for me.