October 2009

Surrey LUG for Computer Enthusiasts

If you're a computer enthusiast, we have a great group of people who meet online and off and discuss many areas of computing - from software, networking and hardware - you will find a wealth of knowledge and a friendly group with which to share ideas and problems.

You will find amongst our members expertise in Ubuntu, RHEL, Fedora, Gentoo, Debian, SuSE, Solaris and other forms of Linux & Unix, as well as Windows and Mac.  You will also find members with experience in hardware such as server farms, business infrastructure, home netowkring, gaming and home entertainment.

Surrey LUG for Home User

If you are a home user and want to find out about great free software for education, for editing photos, for listening to music or many other applications then why not get in touch.  Sure - we're a little "geeky" but we can probably help you get a lot more out of your computer than you already are getting and we can help you do this with legal free software.

We  can help open up the world of free software that can solve many of life's mundane tasks, from organising your book collections, to help run your local club or charity,   or just help you navigate from A to B.


Surrey LUG for Small Businesses

If you are a small business in the Surrey or Hampshire area, then we would be happy to hear from you.  A number of our members run businesses to support IT and we are always happy to hear about your challenges and offer advice.  We regularly showcase our solutions which might be helpful to you and we exchange ideas in an open manner at our meets and online.

Integrated Entertainment

In this article, I describe how to set up an integrated media system with Linux.


  • To integrate my TV so that I can play content directly from the web including YouTube
  • To be able to play my media including DVD's, Music and view photos via my TV or Computer


The components I used were as follows:
1 x Samsung Series 7 LED TV (with LAN port, and DLNA support)
1 x Media Server (this also acts as my file server)
1 x Media Player


BringABox Saturday 31 October 2009

Juniper HallWe have regular sessions on the second Saturday of each month. Bring a 'box', bring a notebook, bring anything that might run Linux, or just bring yourself and enjoy socialising/learning/teaching or simply chilling out!

Unusually, an extra meeting this month, on the FIFTH Saturday of October!  Held at Juniper Hall Field Studies Centre, Dorking, between 11am and 5pm-ish.

Test Page

About us

We're a bunch of friendly Linux enthusiasts based in Surrey. As the front page says, we hold regular meetings, and welcome all newcomers. There are no delegated contacts for the group, but check out the MembersList for some basic information. If you want to know some information please join the MailingList and ask your question there. It's not just a technical list - most of the group activities and discussions are held on it ! Despite the name of the user group (formerly SLUG), there is also a FreeBSD contingent, at least one Solaris bigot, and several Mac OS X fans toting shiny new powerbooks.


There's currently no full list of SLUG members - we do however, have a list of members who have their own Wiki pages on the MembersList. Feel free to add your own name to the list if it's not on there already - remember to create an account!

MarketPlace - For Sale, Wanted and Jobs

MarketPlace is where we buy, sell or give away spare computers or components or advertise for Linux specialists. Similarly if we are looking for spare parts we let the world know here.

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Website Performance

Still loading slowly. This should be addressed before go-live. Maybe downgrade one of the P1s.

Need to discuss ideas/causes/triage, etc.

Back to tasks.

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Should html tree be root or apache or ??

Should files in the /var/www/html tree be root:root or apache:apache or what? Perhaps this task is just part of security review.
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Security review

Consider whether we should be logging in not as root and using sudo/su when necessary. Consider whether having files within the /var/www/html tree with root:root permissions is a potential hazard.

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LAST: point surrey.lug.org.uk to new server

Need to find out who has admin rights on lug.org.uk (popey?) Yes, Robert, that would work, though the 'correct' way is to mail admin@lug.org.uk, and then wait for a response (which will not necessarily be fast). We'll try it the right way and then have quiet words in high places. (johnw 091019)