October 2009

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Decide whether content should be moved to new content-types before go-live

We need to decide whether profiles babs and kbs should be moved to new content-types before go-live. This will probably be a major undertaking and may delay go-live. Alternatively if we live without doing this, then the site may undergo some disruption later.

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Plan demo of site for 31st October

Maybe just a bulletted list of the various areas to show off, including: - structure - account creation & privileges - adding content (in relation to role) - people who are admins - etc.
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Migrate knowledgebase from static pages to new content-type

Currently the knowledgebase pages were migrated as static pages, need to migrate them into the knowledgebase content-type. Perhaps there is a way of modifying a page's content-type.

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Migrate memberlist profiles to user profiles

Currently the old wiki profiles have been migrated to static pages under AboutUs/MemberList/UserName, these need to be migrated over to drupal user profiles.
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Expand user profiles

There doesn't currently seem to be any way of inputting user profile information, other than basic contact information. We should expand the user profiles content-type to enable input of personal "about me" information. I thought we had this working, but perhaps a module has been disabled or something.
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Redesign masthead

Masthead needs improvement.
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Theme design

johnw would like to explore more colours in present theme and explore more themes. At bab there was a general feeling that we should be using a theme that is completely customisable through the gui.

dbeer - I have changed the priority as discussed on irc, so as to get a more consistent and well known theme


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Decide on how to organise site development team

How will we organise ourselves so that no one person is essential, yet things get done in a timely fashion, so that there's participation, so that nobody feels excluded and yet we don't have chaos?
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Implement image gallery

Gallery: johnw would like to try setting up a gallery by following the book Using Drupal, chapter 7, which gives a complete walkthru. If that works there's yet other things that can be done to improve it further, e.g. some of the recipes on drupal.org use nice ways of mousing over thumbnails and bringing up larger versions with translucency. But if any of us have already set up a gallery in Drupal then that would be good news!
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Consider automated user registration

User registration: So far, on the trial site, users are accepted manually. Investigate captcha possibilities, bearing in mind that there are not only bots trawling the web, but incredibly low-paid people who attempt to add content spam and comments.