University of Surrey in Guildford

University of Surrey, Guildford

Here are some useful links about getting here - the train station is near campus and the University is just off the A3, so is easy to find.


If arriving by car, you must park in car park 2 at the top of the campus map -

[the signs]

say 'main car park'.

This is the second car park you see when driving through the main University entrance and is the largest. Parking here is free at the weekends, so there is no need for a permit or ticket. The University do operate clamping via a private contractor, so parking elsewhere is at your own risk.

The car park isn't very close to the buildings, so if you need to load or unload items, or have limited mobility, parking spaces outside the buildings are available.

To get the to Teaching Block, you need to go to the security office (further round from the main car park) and ask to go through the barrier and state that you are only loading/unloading.

Finding us on campus

Signs are usually up from 11am, directing you through from the main car park to the building we're in. Depending on the month, we are usually in the Teaching Block, the Lecture Theatres or the School of Management, so the signs will change accordingly! Please see the


page or the


posts to see where we'll be meeting. Using the Campus map link above, the Teaching Block is building number 7, the Lecture Theatres are number 12 and the School of Management is number 23.

Do remember to check the SurreyUniDirections page for detailed instructions


There is a small shop on campus (next to the Lecture Theatres, number 11 on the map) which stocks sandwiches, pasties and other snacks. There is also a student bar, Chancellors (number 18), where a group of us usually go for a cooked lunch at a decent price. Outside the Uni, if you're driving, Tesco is only a minute or two away. When you leave the University, take the second exit at the roundabout, then the last exit at the second roundabout.


We provide Internet access, both wireless and wired.

For wired, please bring an ethernet cable of a decent length (perhaps 5m minimum) to reach from the central switch to your desk.

Please bring a power extension cord also as sockets are generally few and far between in the rooms and you may need a good length cable to reach to the nearest power point.

The Internet access is provided to aide people in diagnosing issues (searching the web), downloading patches etc. While we'll make every effort to keep it running, the connection is temperamental and has a tendency to drop regularly. Please do not run applications such as peer-to-peer apps or games (including, but not limited to, Skype, BitTorrent (or your favourite Windows worm/virus) as this will likely upset both the connection and its administrator!

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