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Software developer, almost exclusively C++. Getting paid to work on open source code OpenFOAM




Lots of (data-distributed) parallel stuff (MPI etc.) Few 3D meshing and geometry algorithms.


About Me

I've been using Linux on and off since 1997, and permanently since 2000.


Marcus Cooper


At the moment

Have fun




Debian, Fedora2, FreeBSD, Solaris ... all sorts of Unix in other words :-)




Jon Fautley

This is the page of Jon Fautley. It is intentionally left almost-blank. If you feel the need to speak to me, you can email me (jon@redhat.com) or you can find me on IRC as Filbert.

Jim Kissel

Currently I run Ubuntu 8.04. I started out with an ICL Perq running Unix Version 7.0 and a no-name 68K running a port of System III. Moved onto Sys V on Intel while at ICL. Did some kernel hacking and helped on a device driver on Xenix (yes Microsoft's own Unix derivative) on 286 when working with/for the spooks. I quickly (18 months) moved on to Siemens where I have to pleasure of becoming a Windows programmer (V 2.0 and V3.0) while being Siemen's representative for X/Open? PC Interworking Group. Team Leader, Group Leader, enough of management when I had 17 direct reports.

Jay Bennie

Is there anybody out there?


Well I'm a software developer, mostly c# these days - an evolution from delphi, but there's also a fair sprinkling of php as well not to mention all that time with variouse SQL databases i.e. Oracle , MySql and MSSQL. I currently work for 'blah blah i can't tell you' developing bespoke data mining/research models and web applications for investment analysts. I also manage the

. ---



James Firth

IT Consultant and manic advocate of Open Source in professional business solutions.

James Firth runs Dalton Firth Limited, and is currently working on a LAMP oriented knowledge management, workflow, project tracking and executive reporting tool for road maintenance schemes. The tool interfaces with various external data sources, and provides users with a consolidated intranet-based front end.


Jacqui Caren

Jacqui Caren I will add something when I get a chance :-) Who Jacqui Caren Where Camberley, Surrey originally from Sunderland, Tyne and Wear MA When Mind your own business! Why (I got hooked on science)

Install Intel Atom

How to Install Linux (FC9) on an Intel Atom based Processor/Motherboard

Date: 6 October 2008

The Goal

The goal is to purchase and build an Intel Atom based box and plug it in to a network running

and have Cobbler build the box.

The Challenges

This project involves a number of challenges:-