Mailing List

Mailing list

The mailing list is really the "core" of this group - it's where most of the discussion goes on, and many of the meetings are arranged here. If you're interested in joining, sign up using the "mailman" interface at:

This will provide you with a web interface allowing you to subscribe and manage your settings.  Once subscribed, you can review the archives at:

Don't forget

to check the spam filtering on your mail account. If you don't see an acknowledgement of your sign up, your over-zealous ISP may have deleted it or put it in a spam folder.

What happens on the list ?

It's a relatively light mailing list, you can expect to receive around 10-20 messages a day during "busy" periods, or ominous periods of silence for a week or so before everyone starts speaking at once. If you'd prefer to receive all emails as one "batch" a day, you can choose this option from the web interface as well. We chat about SLUG-related issues (meetings, talks, etc.), technical issues, requests for help, and general chit-chat. Some of the technical issues we've discussed are archived at the KnowledgeBase.

Posting to the list

Once you've signed up to the mailing list, you can send your email to and it will get sent to all SLUG members. We're a friendly bunch, and don't go particularly mental over "Netiquette", but it would be appreciated if you'd refrain from sending attachments or HTML mail :). These will tend to get blocked by Mailman anyway - if you get a message telling you your mail has been stopped by a spam filter, try configuring your mail client to send in plain-text only.

Some members are not appreciative of top posting and it is best avoided where possible.

The general convention for posting to the list is to start new subjects with a new message, so as not to frustrate our members who use thread based mail clients. When replying to messages, try to keep to the convention used by the previous posters, be it top or bottom posting. Of course if it's the first reply or you only want to focus on a specific part of a post it is up to you as to how you decide to make your message most readable to the rest of the list users.

Please note that we do not accept job adverts on this list, except by active members of the list who have been members for at least three months, and even then no more than one such post every three months is permitted and such jobs must be Linux-related, local to Surrey, and preferably include salary expectation.

Your first posting

We welcome new members. So put up a few words about yourself and your interests.


To unsubscribe, use the web interface at You can also change your email address here, and manage your other settings.