October 2009

Pub Meet 4 March 2009

Location: Kings Head, Guildford Present: Pictures

Pub Meet 21 March 2007

21 March 2007


Running Horse, Leatherhead Lots of good guest beers, quiet room at the back, wifi access in Brighton. BRIGHTON? Yes, their website lies! The publican explained that the wifi was in Brighton and we're still trying to figure that out.


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Pub Meet 22 February 2006

22nd February, 2006


AlanPope, JohnW, Dominic, Mike, DavidPrangnell, James W, Paul, SirajSidRakhada, Nick, Marcus


Kings Head, Guildford


Linux Sound Systems


Different sound systems currently used in Linux, Configuring sound systems, Compatibility and how they fit together, Making software play nicely on different installations, Troubleshooting problems.

People Interested

A sound guru will be needed.


PXE Booting


Linux boot process in outline. PXE principles and limitations. Commercial scenarios. Setting up server and clients. Debugging.

64-bit Linux


Most Linux users are currently on 32-bit systems. What are the advantages of going 64-bit? How do you set up a system so that you can run both 32 and 64 bit programs without pain?


Tracey Fraggle

At last a Slug Wiki..... At last a new Slug Wiki..... Update on me. Well, technically I'm not in Surrey anymore as I've started my IT teaching training. I am spreading the word of the penguin at Brighton Uni. I haven't joined the local lug as I have too many essays to write! Cheers! Tracy.

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