October 2009

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Create knowledge base content-type

Need to agree fields and structure
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Migrate content from old wiki

The content from the old wiki needs to be migrated over to the new site.
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Page tagging and tag cloud

I would like to see page tagging enabled for all pages, enabling us to have a tag cloud. The tag cloud in itself is not the most important thing, but the ability to classify content by tags would be useful in many areas. Can the taxonomy module be used for this? I believe this is a very high priority task, as it effects the underlying structure of the site.
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Content Filters In Postfix

Postfix / Sieve setup

Postfix/Mysql/Dovecot/Amavis-new in standard virtual hosting install
Mail stored under /var/vmail/domain/username/Maildir


virtual_transport = dovecot
dovecot_destination_recipient_limit = 1
deliver-filter_destination_recipient_limit = 1
smtpd_sasl_type = dovecot
smtpd_sasl_path = private/auth
smtpd_sasl_auth_enable = yes
smtpd_recipient_restrictions = reject_unauth_pipelining,permit_sasl_authenticated,permit_mynetworks,reject_unauth_destination,check_sender_access pcre:/etc/postfix/content_filter.pcre
content_filter =
receive_override_options = no_address_mappings

/etc/postfix/content_filter.pcre - run postmap /etc/postfix/content_filter.pcre after editing

/^/ FILTER smtp-amavis:[]:10024

/etc/postfix/master.cf injects mail back in from amavis-new injects mail back in from deliver-filter
Flag O on deliver-filter adds the X-Original-To header we need

smtp -> smtp-amavis -> deliver-filter -> dovecot deliver -> sieve -> Maildir

dovecot unix - n n - - pipe
flags=DRhu user=vmail:vmail argv=/usr/lib/dovecot/deliver -d ${recipient}

smtp-amavis unix - - n - 2 smtp
-o smtp_data_done_timeout=1200
-o smtp_send_xforward_command=yes
-o disable_dns_lookups=yes
-o max_use=20 inet n - - - - smtpd
-o content_filter=deliver-filter:dummy
-o local_recipient_maps=
-o relay_recipient_maps=
-o smtpd_restriction_classes=
-o smtpd_delay_reject=no
-o smtpd_client_restrictions=permit_mynetworks,reject
-o smtpd_helo_restrictions=
-o smtpd_sender_restrictions=
-o smtpd_recipient_restrictions=permit_mynetworks,reject
-o smtpd_data_restrictions=reject_unauth_pipelining
-o smtpd_end_of_data_restrictions=
-o mynetworks=
-o smtpd_error_sleep_time=0
-o smtpd_soft_error_limit=1001
-o smtpd_hard_error_limit=1000
-o smtpd_client_connection_count_limit=0
-o smtpd_client_connection_rate_limit=0
-o receive_override_options=no_header_body_checks,no_unknown_recipient_checks
-o local_header_rewrite_clients= inet n - n - - smtpd
-o content_filter=
-o smtpd_authorized_xforward_hosts=
-o local_recipient_maps=
-o virtual_mailbox_maps=
-o virtual_alias_maps=
-o relay_recipient_maps=
-o smtpd_restriction_classes=
-o smtpd_delay_reject=no
-o smtpd_client_restrictions=permit_mynetworks,reject
-o smtpd_helo_restrictions=
-o smtpd_sender_restrictions=
-o smtpd_recipient_restrictions=permit_mynetworks,reject
-o mynetworks_style=host
-o mynetworks=
-o strict_rfc821_envelopes=yes
-o smtpd_error_sleep_time=0
-o smtpd_soft_error_limit=1001
-o smtpd_hard_error_limit=1000
-o smtpd_client_connection_count_limit=0
-o smtpd_client_connection_rate_limit=0
-o receive_override_options=no_header_body_checks,no_unknown_recipient_checks,no_address_mappings

deliver-filter unix - n n - 10 pipe
flags=ORq user=filter null_sender=
argv=/usr/local/bin/deliver_filter.sh -f ${sender} -- ${recipient}


Runs as user filter
Stores incoming mail in /var/spool/filter
Pipes incoming mail to disk, calls kFilter.py and then uses putmail.py to inject the mail back into


SENDMAIL="/usr/local/bin/putmail.py "
export HOME="/var/spool/filter"

# trap "rm -rf in.$$" 0 1 2 3 15

cd $INSPECT_DIR || {
echo "$INSPECT_DIR does not exist"; exit $EX_TEMPFAIL; }

cat > in.$$ || {
echo "Cannot save mail to file"; exit $EX_TEMPFAIL; }

/usr/local/bin/kFilter.py in.$$

$SENDMAIL "$@" < in.$$

exit $?

putmail.py - http://putmail.sourceforge.net/home.html


server = localhost
email = dummy@example.com
port = 10026

Opens the mail message specified on the command line
Looks for the X-Original-To header, removes all . and - from the string, so example-name@example.co.uk becomes examplename@examplecouk
New string gets set to the header X-Kenwa-Deliver
Message is saved back, overwriting the original file


import email
import sys
import re

if len(sys.argv) != 2:
print "Usage: %s <message file>" % sys.argv[0]

f = PrivoxyWindowOpen(sys.argv[1], 'r')
msg = email.message_from_file(f)
if msg.has_key('X-Original-To'):
original_to = msg.get('X-Original-To')
original_to = re.sub('[\.\-]', '', original_to)
if msg.has_key('X-Kenwa-Deliver'):
msg.add_header('X-Kenwa-Deliver', original_to)
f = PrivoxyWindowOpen(sys.argv[1], 'w')


require ["fileinto", "variables"]; if header :contains "X-Spam-Flag" ["YES"] { fileinto "spam"; stop; } if header :matches "X-Kenwa-Deliver" "*@*" {
set :lower "localpart" "${1}";
set :lower "domain" "${2}";
fileinto "INBOX.${domain}.${localpart}";

Requires dovecot-common from lenny-backports (1.2.5) to allow the variables extension



Surrey Mailing List

The mailing list is really the "core" of this group - it's where most of the discussion goes on, and many of the meetings are arranged here. If you're interested in joining, sign up using the "mailman" interface at http://mailman.lug.org.uk/mailman/listinfo/surrey. This will provide you with a web interface allowing you to subscribe and manage your settings.

Please visit our Surrey Mailing List page to read more.


BringABox Saturday 10 October 2009

Darkmoon's Arduino RobotSaturday 10 October 2009 at Nokia in Farnborough

The meeting started with a demonstration of wireshark by johnw; followed by an eye-opening talk by darkmoon on the arduino hardware platform; after lunch popey presented the upcoming Karmic Koala Ubuntu release; johnw then outlined the possibilities afforded by drupal's cck and views modules; a website development meeting concluded the day's events.

Welcome to Surrey Linux Users Group

Stained glass Tux by Jim K

Linux is very resistant to viruses. Surrey LUG has been meeting monthly for almost 20 years, but for the moment we have to pause. Join the mailing list for discussion of virtual meetings. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible! Now wash your hands!


BringABox Archive

For details of current meetings, check out BringABox and Meetings.

The list below was laboriously hand-compiled and updated manually.  But we've stopped doing that because we've discovered that computers do it better!  So try surrey.lug.org.uk/Meetings/BringABox/Archive-New