University of Surrey Directions

University of Surrey directions

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Walking info from the town?

Arriving at the train station

Route shown on Google Maps:


  1. Take the stairs from the platform and turn towards the rear exit (signposted to the University), walk along the [long tunnel]
  2. When you reach the road, you may cross and catch a bus. Numbers 3, 27 and 36/37 pass through the University and will only take a couple of minutes. Get off when you reach the [Austen Pearce building] with a [plaza area and statue]. Signs should be visible on or around the main building.
  3. If you're walking instead (about 10/15 minutes, 1km), turn right out of the station and follow the road
  4. Turn right at the second road, immediately before the bus stop (blue signpost to the University)
  5. Follow the road around and up the slope, past the car park into the University
  6. Keep following it past the [Duke of Kent building] (the ship) and up the hill
  7. You'll reach [Senate House] and will end up next to a car park
  8. If we are in the Teaching Block (campus map number 7), cut through the car park and past the barrier and walk down that road. At the end, turn left up the slope and the [Teaching Block] is the second building on the right - you should begin to see posters.
  9. If we are in the Lecture Theatres (#12), you should see posters in the car park.
  10. If we are in the School of Management (#23), continue walking with the road and you'll reach the [plaza area]. The management building is behind the water feature on the left hand side.

Arriving from the A3

Need some maps and photos of arriving at the university from the A3 and elsewhere.

  • If you are coming from the London direction, you will pass into a 50mph zone and then take the first exit, signposted to the University. At the roundabout, take the first exit to reach the main entrance.
  • If you are coming from the Portsmouth direction, take the exit signposted to the University and Hospital. At the roundabout, take the last exit and then at the second roundabout, take the second exit to reach the main entrance.

Arriving at the main entrance

After you arrive at the main entrance of the university, if travelling by car please park in the main car park:


School of Manangement

Head out of the main car park towards the main plaza area next to the bus stops. The School of Management is on the left hand side, next to the water feature.

Teaching Block

These directions are for the Teaching Block. Check whether this month's meeting is there, where it often is, or another location within the campus.

  • Paul has taken a video of the route from the main car park to the Teaching Block: [video]
  • JohnW has taken photos of the route over the field below

To reach the Teaching block, walk out of the entrance of the car park, look across the road, and you'll see the AQA building. Walk across the grass, heading to the right of the building:


Had you been doing this back in October 2007, you would have seen also a much smaller building, now demolished. Perhaps you can see why it was unfit for purpose! :) (Now you know why the university doesn't offer degrees in bricklaying!)


Keep walking up the gently rising grass area, but be aware you may be under observation. And not just by CCTV!


At last you reach the end of the grassed field. In the distance you can see the distinctive square tower of the cathedral. Use this landmark, keep heading for it. You're almost at your destination.


The second building on your right is the Teaching Block, clearly labelled. On the day we have posters up so you'll know which room to go to.


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