There's an IRC channel called #surreylug on the server where people can chat in realtime, there are usually people in the channel.

Connecting an IRC Client

Many Linux distributions come with an IRC client of some kind. Some of the popular ones include XChat, GAIM, Konversation (for KDE), Chatzilla (for Firefox) and irssi (command line), but you can often also use an Instant Messaging client, like Pidgin or Kopete.

All IRC clients have some form of "input field" which is often located at the bottom of the screen.  In there you type what you want to say, or you type commands (usually prefixed with a "/" slash).  Typical tasks needed in your IRC client include:

  • Choose a nickname
    • Once connected type /nick <somenickname> to set your nickname to somenickname
  • Point your irc client at the server
    • The command /server can do this
  • Join the channel #surreylug
    • /join #surreylug will do this once connected.

Registering your nick

It is recomended that you register your nick on server.  A guide can be found here Nickname Registration.  Broadly speaking you can enter /msg NickServ help into the client you are using and follow the syntax for /msg NickServ REGISTER.

IRC Etiquette 

IRC is a funny old place. Many people have never used it, but it's not scary. Think of IRC as multi-person instant messaging. Whatever you say appears on the screen for all to see almost instantly.

  • People might not be at their machines, so even though the list of people present may seem large, your questions/comments may go unanswered for a while. This is normal.
  • "Don't ask if you can ask". If you have a question, just ask it.
  • There are real people behind those nicknames, treat IRC just as you would any normal social circle. Be nice. :D

Who's Who ?

People often use curious nicknames on IRC, please see our member's list to map the user to the nick.