October 2009

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Test wysiwyg and input formats

Consider input formats and rich-text vs plain editors. Probably people with minimal rights shouldn't be allowed to add full html (e.g. javascript exploits), but should have option to use rich-text wysiwyg.  I (johnw) got in a right pickle going from basic input (with blank lines auto inserting para breaks) to full html (because I wanted to add an <h2> tag) at which point all my para breaks vanished.  This is not good!

Wysiwyg editor seems to have some nasty glitches, as follows:

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Improve image handling

Most of the necessary modules for this are installed, but it needs more work to set up a gallery in one of the many ways Drupal can do this, and to assist uploading pics when creating content.

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Automated site backup

We need to ensure that our data is backed up outside of akuna (no offence to Mike!) on a daily basis. I understand nixofortune has done this to some extent, but we need to satisfy ourselves that something permanent and reliable is in place. Which it may already be for all I know!
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Restore operation of wysiwyg module

This needs removing from /var/www/html/modules and moving to all-sites. Then module needs enabling in gui.
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Implement roles and permissions

- new users can view all except admin restricted stuff and all unpublished content
- new users can add content; all admins receive email whenever content added by non-admin (extra module to be installed)
- users can create, edit content anywhere; can only delete own pages
- no protected content as yet (i.e. pages where users can't edit or can only edit in restricted circumstances); to be decided later
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Create new page detailing how to add content to the site

Only Drupal users currently know how to use the site, this needs to be documented, once the site has bedded down sufficiently. I have set to a low priority, given that this task cannot be done until content-types have been created and the site given a definite structure. Once that is in place, this priority should be increased.
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Consider anonymity of polls

Polls only permit authenticated users to vote once, but anonymous users can vote once per IP address. This is grossly unfair on our core users. Anonymous voting was something that Filbert wanted, but I think the trial has failed. Antony also wanted anonymity but was happy to be required to be authenticated to vote, as long as his vote was anonymous. Whether that is or is not possible needs investigating.

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Tidy up imported page upper/lower case

Imported content from the old site has a mix of upper/lower case in the URLs. This should be standardised to avoid confusion.
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Apply security update(?)

Apparently there's a recommended drupal security update. Need to determine whether it's worth applying and do so.
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Embedded irc client

mibbit or cgi:irc or something similar that is easily accessible for any visitor.