LAMP Study Group

What is a StudyGroup?


Linux Apache MySQL PHP aka LAMP - a platform for online applications.



  1. To build a network of people that are familar with the LAMP platform for online or groupware applications.
  2. Installing the LAMP stack on different Linux distributions; Debian, Redhat.
  3. Configuration for an application that sits on top.

Time Investment

Interested Parties

  • BillWolfe, June 2007 - More and more of the apps that I am interested in will run on a LAMP platform, so I would like to meet people with a similar interest.
  • Dominic, June 2007 - Interested in security aspect of the LAMP platform (between PHP and Apache in particular - e.g. the use of suexec, suPHP) and back end configuration. Also 'LAPP' (PostgreSQL instead of MySQL) or Lighttpd instead of Apache.
  • Philip, June 2007 - interested in learning more about administering LAMP
  • OsdeInfo, June 2007 - LAMP is FSSE
  • JohnW, June 2007 - interested, something I need to get more involved in for work reasons as well as play. Trying out Gallery and hoping to install some kind of mailserver, possibly Hula. Please stay in touch if you're planning get-togethers.
  • SteveWalker, June 2007 My hobby server runs LAMP software using pretty basic configuration. I am keen to learn more, especially how to avoid the more obvious security pitfalls. I will be in Surrey for most of April.

Resources and References

There are many variations of the components. Browse wikipedia for LAMP.

First Meeting