An Example Study Group

This detailed example is for a StudyGroup which is a kind of practical Workshops.


An Example - This sentence should be a short description.


Current status of project (waiting for input, meeting planned for x date, etc).

Interested Parties

My Name, date of interest - A short description of my interest in this topic. The date is useful in showing which are currently 'hot topics'.


An attempt to define the scope of work into this topic. This may change as the group takes shape.


A couple of statements to indicate the result of this topic of exploration. This should help potential group members decide if this topic overlaps with their area of interest, and judge if it would be beneficial to join.

Time Investment Required

  • An indication of the time expectation.
  • This group will meet once to initiate the Study Group, and confirm the Aims and division of the topic into study areas. 1hr.
  • The members group will spend aprox 4 hrs in research + investigation of their study areas.
  • The group will meet a second time to summarise what they have found, for questions and group discussion. Before the end of the meeting, the group will decide if the Study Group should continue. If it does, what are the next actions to be ?

Details of Next Meeting

Resources and References