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Debian Bittorrent

Tried to install bittorrent and bittorrent-gui.

Both installed (seemingly), but /usr/share/bittorrent seems empty and there's nothing in the KDE menu that I can find. Trying to install kbittorrent. No Debian Sarge package available, so I downloaded the source, unpacked the tar.gz, cd to that directory and typed ./configure as per the instructions on the download page.

"in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE headers installed. This will fail."

Installed kdelibs-dev package and tried ./configure again. This time it says:

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Distros for Less: lightweight linux distributions

JohnW wrote:

Modern distros, with funky desktop GUIs, alpha-blending, cubes that rotate, snazzy graphics of every kind... you have to admire them, but at the same time they may not fit easily (or perform quickly) on an older machine.

Suggestions please, for what distros are useful on a Pentium II with perhaps 64M or 128M of ram?

Someone wrote:

Setting up FUSE under Debian

Setting up FUSE under Debian


Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE) is a technology that allows programs operating in userspace to be mounted in the same way as filesystems based in the kernel can be. This allows a userspace program to interface to all sorts of services, or create completely virtual filesystems through a generic interface back to the kernel. Filesystems currently available via FUSE are listed on their wiki: FUSE wiki: FileSystems.

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