BringABox Saturday 10 October 2009

Sat 10th October 2009



Nokia, Farnborough.


  • 11:30am, JohnW: Networking basics: ethernet, IP, TCP, ... enough to use Wireshark
    • Wireshark is a powerful tool for troubleshooting many kinds of problem, but at first sight can be daunting. This talk is aimed at first time users of Wireshark. By the end you won't be a Wireshark master, but you should be able to recognise problems where it would be useful so you can grab someone else for help! (Talk not yet written, so duration unknown, but should be time for someone to fit in another talk before lunch)
  • 12:00am, Chris Hatton: DIY Hardware with Arduino
    • An open source hardware platform known as Arduino has recently been empowering many hardware enthusiasts in producing their own homebrew devices and custom computer peripherals. BaB newcomer Darkmoon will briefly explain what Arduino is, its capabilties and why just about anyone with a soldering iron, an internet connection and £20 to spare can now cook up their own hardware - and all using Linux!
  • Lunch (bring your sarnies, or convoy to pub)
  • 3pm, Alan Pope: Ubuntu 9.10 preview
  • 3.30pm, JohnW: Demo/Workshop of the Drupal Views Module
    • Views is one of the most powerful modules in Drupal, enabling web designers to achieve things most would expect to have to program. This session is aimed at those interested in taking the slug.akuna site further. If time allows, we may also get into CCK (Content Construction Kit) which can work hand in hand with Views to give even more power.
    • Followed by a get-together of everyone interested in the new slug.akuna site