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Mindmapping under Linux


Perhaps everyone knows what mind-maps are, and this page is completely redundant?  A mind-map is simply a graphical representation of your thoughts.  I have to confess that I adore mindmaps, I find them a beautifully elegant and logical way of presenting your thoughts.  I used mind-maps for years on paper, before evening discovering that they had a name, and better still software to create them.  And then I discovered...

BringABox Saturday 10 October 2009

Darkmoon's Arduino RobotSaturday 10 October 2009 at Nokia in Farnborough

The meeting started with a demonstration of wireshark by johnw; followed by an eye-opening talk by darkmoon on the arduino hardware platform; after lunch popey presented the upcoming Karmic Koala Ubuntu release; johnw then outlined the possibilities afforded by drupal's cck and views modules; a website development meeting concluded the day's events.

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