Integrated Entertainment

In this article, I describe how to set up an integrated media system with Linux.


  • To integrate my TV so that I can play content directly from the web including YouTube
  • To be able to play my media including DVD's, Music and view photos via my TV or Computer


The components I used were as follows:
1 x Samsung Series 7 LED TV (with LAN port, and DLNA support)
1 x Media Server (this also acts as my file server)
1 x Media Player


1. Configure the tv to have an IP address on the network - to do this, I checked the MAC address of the TV and added it to my dhcpd.conf and then restarted dhcpd.
2. The TV is then able to connected and play video from YouTube by pressing the Internet button
3. Setup MediaTomb on my file server
 yum install mediatomb
4. Configure the network interface in /etc/mediatomb.conf (in my case br0)
5. Install VLC
 yum install VLC

To Do - Add screen shots