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Using this as a handy place to store reminders to myself, while waiting for the wiki to evolve.


  • Eclipse,
  • Snappix,
  • Zenwalk

Next 3 recommended by Clive:

  • Lamppix (live cd with a web server)
  • Hellix ??
  • Phlak (Pro Hackers\' Linux Assault Kit) derivative of Morphix

LXF recommended for low end:
  • Featherlinux
BringABox SiteOrganisationDiscussion MeetingArchives DozeToTux VoiceOverIP MailThreadGrub SambaTips AsteriskVoip

Reactor OpenVPN DistrosForLess


  • SaveOfOldJohnWBringABox page

To see all the options that the kernel was configured with:

less /boot/config-`uname -r` 
  • Ubuntu hosed, no root: The work-around would have been to boot to totally single user mode, by adding init=/bin/bash to your grub boot line

Neil wrote: > > Try and ping to just see how long it takes to resolve the > address. > > Then try and ping (an NTLWorld address) If that returns > immediately, then it's a DNS issue. > > Are you savvy enough to setup your own DNS server and try that? (I've never > set up a UNIX DNS server so don't know just how hard that is....) > Jan wrote: I've always installed bind as a caching name server on my machines. It might seem like an overkill to some people, but it works very well indeed. If you're using Debian or Ubuntu, a simple "apt-get install bind9" should do the trick, and all you have to do (after checking that it's running of course, look for a process called "named") after that is to make sure that the first nameserver entry in your /etc/resolv.conf file looks like this: nameserver Now you will have your own caching DNS server, which can speed up browsing quite a bit.

  • Linux advocacy and recruiting:

There's a few things linked from on UKLUGs at

Most of TLDP: Linux Advocacy at


Looking at other LUGs can be informative.



and ALUG has the increasingly out-of-date

More generally, Linuxmanship

and VolResource


have some useful information.




  • How to get KDE onto Gnome: instructions for turning a ubuntu install into a kubuntu install.
sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop 

You need universe in your sources.lst 

Also see
  • Konqueror on Gnome, no View/ViewMode/Image in menu:
> All I installed was Konq. Synaptic showed 
> it as a possibility and I would expect, having marked it, that all the 
> relevant stuff would be pulled in. Given that Kubuntu (out of the box) 
> offers Konqueror with image view, surely it's natural to expect it the same 
> when installing it on Gnome. 

Sounds like a kubuntu packaging bug. 

If you have two packages A and B, and B provides features which enhance 
A when it's installed, then package A should usually Recommend or 
Suggest package B. 

Looking at, it only 
has a couple of suggestions, and doesn't list gwenview. If you just 
installed gwenview and got the extra features in Konqueror, that is 
almost certainly a bug in the konqueror package. 

These Recommendations / Suggestions are usually popped up in the UI when 
you install a package, so it would be the mechanism by which the system 
suggests you grab them for extra features. 


Yes, grub doesn't boot Windows directly, it calls the native windows 
boot loader NTLDR and lets that do the work. 

As a tip for working with grub, you can edit the configuration at the 
menu, and the shell has auto-completion. So, if you're not sure exactly 
what partition Windows (or whatever) is on, from the shell just type in 

root (hd0, 

and then hit Tab and it will show you what partitions are available. 
You can then edit the config and see if it boots. Makes things a bit 
nicer than having to boot into linux, edit grub.conf, reboot etc. 





Multimedia on Ubuntu

Version control systems, revision control, CVS, SVN

  • CVS
    • KDE has a little app called Cervisia (see that integrates quite nicely with the Konqueror file manager. It can of course also be used as a standalone app in Gnome, without integration of course.
    • Another CVS client would be LinCVS (see, which has its following (it's also for Windows).
  • SVN
    • client that looks quite nice is QSvn (see ). This has been linked against QT4, so you'll find versions for Linux/Unix, Win32 and MacOS X.

Tools for websites







Vmware Vmserver


Mail server




cd /big/file_backups/hostname 
mv backup.2 backup.tmp 
mv backup.1 backup.2 
mv backup.0 backup.1 
mv backup.tmp backup.0 
cp -alf backup.1/. backup.0 
rm -f backup.0/backup_date 
touch backup.0/backup_date 
nice -n 15 rsync -a --delete -e "ssh" backupaccess@hostname:/data/ backup.0/ 
# end script 

ZenWalk is based on Xfce, author preferred it to Ubuntu 6.10

  • Medibuntu (Multimedia, Entertainment & Distractions In Ubuntu) is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons (copyright, license, patent, etc).



hdr & stitching

flickr api

anyone tried open source photo stitching !!

can you read italian X on windows apps ?

php framework

  • codeigniter
  • BambooInvoice?




CMS Drupal


MagicKeystrokes VideoCardChoices

Recommendations by cd+jlk:


IRC nick
Favourite Linux distribution
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