BringABox Saturday 31 October 2009

Unusually, an extra meeting this month, on the FIFTH Saturday of October!  17 of us met in the idyllic surroundings of Juniper Hall

Juniper Hall

Saturday 31st October 2009 

Main Features 

  • 11:00am OsdeInfo presents VirtualMin, WebMin, AwStats, WebAliser, GoogleAnalytics & statistics demo/fest.
  • 11:45am UEC aka
  • 3pm Chris Roberts presented the power of Drupal's CCK and Views, adding a new 'Free Gear' category to our new website.


  • Two days after release of Ubuntu 9.10, so there's sure to be interest in that. 



Drupal CCK and Views

Mindmap of Drupal CCK and ViewsChris Roberts created a content-type for free gear, and a complementary view.  His notes, were created in Thinking Space for Google Android and used during the meeting to structure the demonstration, follow this link to view the mindmap or click on the image opposite.