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About us

We're a bunch of friendly Linux enthusiasts based in Surrey. As the front page says, we hold regular meetings, and welcome all newcomers. There are no delegated contacts for the group, but check out the MembersList for some basic information. If you want to know some information please join the MailingList and ask your question there. It's not just a technical list - most of the group activities and discussions are held on it ! Despite the name of the user group (formerly SLUG), there is also a FreeBSD contingent, at least one Solaris bigot, and several Mac OS X fans toting shiny new powerbooks.


There's currently no full list of SLUG members - we do however, have a list of members who have their own Wiki pages on the MembersList. Feel free to add your own name to the list if it's not on there already - remember to create an account!

MarketPlace - For Sale, Wanted and Jobs

MarketPlace is where we buy, sell or give away spare computers or components or advertise for Linux specialists. Similarly if we are looking for spare parts we let the world know here.

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