Suggested Topics

These topics have been suggested:

  • Stream: Technical
    • introduction to the internet - which might cover what the internet is, how it is connected, what happens when you use a web browser
    • introduction to tcp/ip
    • analysing traffic (tcp/ip, arp etc)
    • crafting traffic (embedding http requests in dns packets or tcp/sms & tcp/avian)
  • Stream: End User / Home User
    • Photo collections with F-Spot
    • Get the most out of Mozilla Internet Browser
    • Introduction to photo editing and re-touching
    • Install Linux on your netbook/laptop/desktop/handheld
  • Stream: Business User
    • protecting your business computers
    • business IT infrastructure overview
    • e-commerce
    • using open source in your business
    • setting up a web server
    • setting up a mail server
    • setting up a DNS server
    • setting up a mail anti-spam/anti-virus filter
    • setting up a web cache
    • setting up a file server
    • replace your Windows SBS Server with ebox
    • setting up a firewall

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