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Get the pre-compiled CentOS from:

Or you could compile your own Red Hat Enterprise 3 or 4 Linux by getting all the 100% GPL free-libre-opensource SRPMS from :

See for further help

Printer & Scanner Drivers

Printer, Scanner and All-in-one Advice

Please add your hints and tips for getting your devices working here.

Sane Support

I've just done a cross-comparison of the flatbed scanners listed on under £300 against the Sane website and list the results below:

Prstat Equivalent

Linux equivalent of prstat -a

MarkRound was [looking] for a Linux equivalent to prstat -a from Solaris, which gives an output similar to:

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Anthony wrote: OK. I was looking for intros about RSS and liked these best

although they both seem out of date (the first by 2 years) - maybe you know better ones. It might be nice to provide a link to a usage intro for newcomers to RSS, what do you think? Marcus wrote: this one from the bbc is the best one I have:

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Samba Tips

This needs someone to write something better, such as a list of good links, but meanwhile here are some tips from the mailing list:

Try turning off your firewall: iptables -F

Or install the gui Firestarter, which will show you what connections are being attempted.

Recommended docs: and in particular

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Mail Thread Grub

This needs tidying up, but is the gist of a thread on the mail list about Grub:

John W wrote:

Screen Guide


This is a summary of a thread on the mailing list in late November 2005


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Voice Over IP

Some notes from the mailing list about VoIP, need tidying up and extending:

On 13 Nov 2005, Paul S wrote:

Does anybody here have any experience of SIP VoIP telephony please? I'm in work and have a challenge:

 *I'm behind a corporate firewall 
 *The only way out is via the HTTP or FTP proxy 
 *Chances of getting an SIP proxy installed are very low 
 *Skype does work here but their Linux support is pretty poor 

In a perfect world I'd like to:

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Doze to Tux

Extracted from mailing list thread "I want my wife to be a guinea pig", decide on a good page name and then revise to be a page about migrating from Doze to Tux.


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