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This page describes how I set up LVS load balancing using IPVS in LVS-DR mode. I wanted to test the viability of LVS to load balance VMware's VDM broker. I decided to set up a single director to start with, fronting two tiny HTTP servers serving simple pages. Here's the diagram:

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Linux Jobs

We're not keen on recruiters who sign up to our mailing list and post job ads, so perhaps it's worth mentioning a place intended for that:



What's GNU? GNU is Not Unix! The GNU operating system was started in 1983 by Richard Stallman. The most common use of the GNU OS today is with the Linux kernel. To help clarify the inclusion of Linux with GNU, we refer to the system as a whole as GNU/Linux, although this is often known as simply 'Linux'.

GNU users who have never heard of GNU is a useful article to read if you are unfamiliar with GNU.

Nokia 6110 Navigator Ubuntu Bluetooth

This page documents my successful attempt to connect my Eee 901 to the internet via my Nokia 6110 Navigator over bluetooth.

Computer: Eee 901 (bluetooth built-in) OS: Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Phone: Nokia 6110 Navigator Operator: Vodafone UK Despite the above, these instructions should work with any PC with a bluetooth adaptor that Linux recognises, KDE and a Nokia phone. Prerequisites: Bluetooth libraries installed and set up; KDE bluetooth icon in the system tray; phone switched on and bluetooth enabled; phone shows up when you left-click on the KDE bluetooth icon.

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Broadcom WiFi

See attachment.

WiFi Gutsy

From the mailing list:

Well if there's one word that's guaranteed to break things it's "Eureka", still, let's see what happens...

My WPA wifi connection has been consistent now over several reboots. With Ubuntu Gutsy and the Zydas based Safecom SWMULZ-5400 USB interface here's the recipe for setting it up with NetworkManager??. This is mostly on the web, AFAIK the main new content here is the last bullet and the pulling it together.

- set the Netgear DG834G router/AP to broadcast its SSID, otherwise this hardly ever works.

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Video Card Choices

From the mailing list, Jan 2008:

> Changing tone very briefly, is there a better video card manufacturer to 
> use when considering linux? 

A summary of open source graphics drivers:

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Magic Keystrokes

Do you get anything on the console at all? It might be worth leaving it on a text virtual console (rather than X) overnight, and if it's hung, then try and issue a few "Magic SysRq" combinations to see just how hard it's hung. You might need to enable these first, not sure if Debian and friends enable it by default - "sysctl -w kernel.sysrq=1" should do it.

To issue the keystrokes, hit "Alt-SysRq-<letter>" where the most important ones are as follows:

Experience of easy-install MythTV distro's

This page is a place to collect links + references to various projects providing PVR and other multimedia features.

[MythTV] [MythPVR] [Comparison ]

of Three MythTV Linux distros

Easy to install Packages


Install process described in videos on


gNewSense is a 100% free libre open version of Ubuntu:


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