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Copying Files

How many ways are there to copy files from one machine to another...

  • TAR

GNU Tar has a wide range of options. Even without these it's often the simplest way of cloning a section of a filesystem. Use in conjunction with some other mechanism for transporting the tar files from one machine to annother.

  • SCP

Uses the same protocol as ssh. ie. if you have ssh setup then scp should automatically work.

  • SFTP

SFTP is an ftp-like frontend to scp. It doesn't actually use or require FTP.

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Samba Tips

This needs someone to write something better, such as a list of good links, but meanwhile here are some tips from the mailing list:

Try turning off your firewall: iptables -F

Or install the gui Firestarter, which will show you what connections are being attempted.

Recommended docs: and in particular

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