June 2006

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VMware Player and Server

Proprietary but "free of charge" (NOT floss) virtualisation software from VMware

(If you want a floss virtualiser try VirtualBox instead)


VMware Player 3.x

Try VMware player FIRST ! Its a simple "one-click" .BUNDLE install on almost any distro variant !

Verdsion 2.x works on PIIIs and Version 3 requires a P4 with PAE but now lets you create VMs from scratch as well as running pre-built ones !

BringABox 10 June 2006


CliveD, Jacqui, Jim, JohnW, Jorge, Oliver, Tim



Topics from the After Lunch Menu:

Attendance was down somewhat. Possibly a football match distracted a few unable to discern their priorities.

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Debian Bittorrent

Tried to install bittorrent and bittorrent-gui.

Both installed (seemingly), but /usr/share/bittorrent seems empty and there's nothing in the KDE menu that I can find. Trying to install kbittorrent. No Debian Sarge package available, so I downloaded the source, unpacked the tar.gz, cd to that directory and typed ./configure as per the instructions on the download page.

"in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE headers installed. This will fail."

Installed kdelibs-dev package and tried ./configure again. This time it says: