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VMware Player and Server

Proprietary but "free of charge" (NOT floss) virtualisation software from VMware

(If you want a floss virtualiser try VirtualBox instead)


VMware Player 3.x

Try VMware player FIRST ! Its a simple "one-click" .BUNDLE install on almost any distro variant !

Verdsion 2.x works on PIIIs and Version 3 requires a P4 with PAE but now lets you create VMs from scratch as well as running pre-built ones !


VMware 2.x on Karmic (9.10)


To enable VMware Server to work on Ubuntu 9.10 may require a Linux Kernel rebuild.

There is an excellent "How To" document located at:


One issue was concerned with the installation of the custom kernel, specifically this step:

dpkg -i linux-image- 

The installation complained that line 1186 of the nvidia-common postinst script returned error 20. Although a resolution to fix the issue didn't seem to be available, the following steps allowed the installation to proceed:

sudo apt-get install nvidia-common
sudo apt-get purge nvidia-common

Once these steps have completed, the dpkg command above can be re-run.