BringABox 10 June 2006


CliveD, Jacqui, Jim, JohnW, Jorge, Oliver, Tim



Topics from the After Lunch Menu:

Attendance was down somewhat. Possibly a football match distracted a few unable to discern their priorities.

Clive gave us what he promises must be the last-ever-demo of vm-whatever (player/server/etc). This week featuring an Ubuntu host with Ubuntu & Xubuntu guests! After this we all have to get familiar with it ourselves so he can demo other things running on VmWare, without side-tracking himself by talking about VmWare! :)

It was very hot in the meeting room, but fortunately we also had electricity under the marquee by the pond (hmmm, Health and Safety issue?) so there was a good mix of computers, chilling out, chat and so on.

OsdeInfo provided CentOS LIVE, Ubuntu & Xubuntu CDs thanks to which JohnW had Xubuntu installed on 2 PCs the following day.


Surrey's entry for the eXtreem Case Modding Competition could be a big success!