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This page describes how I set up LVS load balancing using IPVS in LVS-DR mode. I wanted to test the viability of LVS to load balance VMware's VDM broker. I decided to set up a single director to start with, fronting two tiny HTTP servers serving simple pages. Here's the diagram:

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VMWare on Xubuntu

Following recipe incomplete:

Installed Xubuntu from alternate 6.06.1 cd Various downloads from www.vmware.com put on cd for convenience. Go into Synaptic and enable the other repositories. Set static ip (for convenience when using ssh).

sudo -s
mkdir /var/vm
apt-get install build-essential binutils cpp libc6-dev libgnome2-perl linux-headers-$(uname -r) make 
apt-get install libdb2 xinetd openssh-server

Extract server to ~

cd vmware-server-distrib


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VMware Player and Server

Proprietary but "free of charge" (NOT floss) virtualisation software from VMware

(If you want a floss virtualiser try VirtualBox instead)


VMware Player 3.x

Try VMware player FIRST ! Its a simple "one-click" .BUNDLE install on almost any distro variant !

Verdsion 2.x works on PIIIs and Version 3 requires a P4 with PAE but now lets you create VMs from scratch as well as running pre-built ones !

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