Experience of easy-install MythTV distro's

This page is a place to collect links + references to various projects providing PVR and other multimedia features.

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of Three MythTV Linux distros

Easy to install Packages


Install process described in videos on


Release R5E50 - Completed the install + configured, but mouse is not recognised in X-window, so can't right-click to get a menu :-( Release R5F27 - Bad media - doesn't load Live CD


Problems during loading Live CD


Nice looking graphical installer, easy to follow process with the videos on


but stumbles with my hardware at the MythTV Initial Setup step. Refuses to accept any option to the question Type of Myth Box - F + B, F only, B only, No Myth setup. Use MythDora as my O/S. Selecting any option took me to the Working... prompt, then back to this selection option. Where do I look for a log or some diagnostic information ???


overview by Wikipedia.


0704 was released on 6th August 2007


article singing the praises of LinuxMCE 0704 and its future inclusion with KDE 4.

[Video Demo]

of features, 25min. MythTV Tutorial from authors of

[Practical MythTV] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IzCt7jaih8

MythTV Frontend on Xbox

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for MythTV