March 2007

Terminal Server

1. Introduction

This page gives an overview of terminal server software, as opposed to terminal server hardware. The links below have been researched for the Surrey LUG wiki by FayZee and posted here in March 2007.

Moodle: Course Management System for Education

Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free Open Source software package designed to help educators create effective online courses based on sound. The official community site. The commercial arm of Moodle.

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The main difference is that Aptitude keeps track of which packages have been explicitly installed, and which were automatically pulled in via dependencies. It can then remove automatically installed packages that are not longer required. This typically happens for two reasons:


What is Mono?

Mono is an implementation of the dotnet framework for unix systems. Mono is currently avaliable for

  • -Linux (x86,powerpc,sparc,sparc64)
  • -OSX (powerpc)
  • -Solaris (sparc, sparc64)
  • -BSD (x86)

Mono Development

The mono SDK is available from

The compiler and JIT are included. Source code is available from cvs and the project is Licenced as

BringABox 10 March 2007


We had a good turnout, with about 15-20 people present, including a few new faces. Before lunch, Dominic gave a presentation on PHP and Web Application Security, then we migrated to the on-campus bar (Chancellors) for lunch.

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Open Source Software Maintainers Wanted

Open Source software maintainers WANTED!

Why not adopt an unmaintained open source project?

These projects are marked as unmaintained because

  • there's a statement from the original author
  • the project hasn't been updated for a long time

Lots of interesting projects you can make your mark on! There's a long list of them on that site.

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Copying Files

How many ways are there to copy files from one machine to another...

  • TAR

GNU Tar has a wide range of options. Even without these it's often the simplest way of cloning a section of a filesystem. Use in conjunction with some other mechanism for transporting the tar files from one machine to annother.

  • SCP

Uses the same protocol as ssh. ie. if you have ssh setup then scp should automatically work.

  • SFTP

SFTP is an ftp-like frontend to scp. It doesn't actually use or require FTP.