October 2006

BringABox 14 October 2006


Another good turnout of around 18 with a few new faces. Welcome Sam!


Red Hat, Guildford

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Checking your Disks

From the mailing list. Needs formatting.

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This isn't a general howto on VPN technology, it isn't even a howto on OpenVPN. You can find those kind of things elsewhere, and hopefully the references I include contain some useful pointers to suitable sites. This is the story of a particular problem I wanted to solve. If you're trying to set up a bridged OpenVPN system perhaps this will be of use to you. Or perhaps it won't. I'm sure when I want to do this again in six months time it'll be of use to me though! :) I needed to access a remote LAN in a small office elsewhere.

Video Creation

Today, this page is just a place to collect links + references usefull to creating video recordings of what happens on the screen of a demo. If we get it together this page will become the How To for the best + simplest methods.

Back last winter there was some discussion about making recordings of talks + demos, like the Hants LUG regularly do.

OSS Software to record screen activity http://camstudio.org/ sorry, this is windows only.

Camtasia from Techsmith - similar commercially available software.