Migrate Hard Drive Over IP

How to migrate a hard drive partition or lvm over a network. On the machine where you want the drive to be copied to (target)
  • Create a lvm the correct size
 lvcreate -L6G -n pbx-root VolGroup00?
  • start netcat
 nc -l 30000 |dd of=/dev/VolGroup00?/pbx-root
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Checking your Disks

From the mailing list. Needs formatting.

Saving MBR

1. Get a rescue disk. The Dapper CD should be ok for this, so long as it boots on your laptop (presumably it does) and you can get to a useful shell or the desktop.

2. Backup the MBR:

dd if=/dev/hda bs=512 count=1 of=/tmp/mbr.img

Save /tmp/mbr.img somewhere safe, maybe a Flash drive?, and then you can restore it with:

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