Beginner Links


  1. General_Introduction_to_Open_Source_Software
  2. Basic_Computer_Literacy
  3. Guide_to_Installing_Linux
  4. Picking_a_Distribution
  5. How_do_I_get_help
  6. Software_Guides_and_Information
  7. Training_Materials
  8. Certification_Qualifications_in_Linux_Skills


1. General Introduction to Open Source Software (OSS)
Linux for Newbies
Open source software
"an overview of what the first experiences could be like"

2. Basic Computer Literacy 3.2Mb
This is a guide for basic computer literacy - how to turn on a computer and what the different hardware and software elements are - as well as an introduction to common Free Open Source Software (FOSS) applications including email tools, Writer and Calc. The manual overcomes barriers to learning by including a lot of visuals and very little text.

3. Guide to Installing Linux.
But you would be well advised to ask for help rather than just jump in and try it :-)

4. Picking a Distribution

Top 10 Distro's
Top 10 Distro's at

5. How do I get help ?
Register at the forum for your distribution. Recommended, especially for the minority question that does not require master guru status to deal with -- very non-aggressive and they don't get into flame wars
Kubuntu home (KDE Ubuntu)
Quick Guide
How do I print?
How do I get online?
TUX Magazine - The first and only magazine for the new Linux user. It is KDE oriented and the monthly download is around 5 to 10 MB.
The Linux Documentation Project
This is the place to look for comprehensive, extensive and reliable information. Often useful, sometimes a bit old, sometimes too geeky and sometimes what you are looking for is just not there.
Some excellent guides and tips.
Bash Shell Guides
Lots of links to guides for all Bash users. The Open Directory Project is well worth a long browse on any subject.
Linux Home Networking
Well presented and covers everything from the basics upwards.
Linux User Groups
Visit your Local Linux User Group :-)

6. Software Guides and Information
Linux equivalents to Windows software
The Rute Linux User's Tutorial and Exposition
Rute Linux User's Tutorial and Exposition
Grokking the Gimp
A first class (downloadable) book on free software's answer to Photoshop (site is sometimes down, in which case try here)
OpenOffice training videos 12 free to view training videos from the book: Point 'N Click!
Linux Commands
An excellent introduction to the command line


Open Source Desktop Environment


Free Software Server Environment

7. Training Materials

Linux Lessons at 3 levels
Beginner's, Intermediate and .... - Short (?) lessons from I think they ran out of complexity. Even the Beginners Level reminds me of my UNIX System Admin course. Proceed with care.

8. Certification / Qualifications in Linux Skills

CompTIA Linux+
CompTIA Linux+ is an almost entry level certification, aimed at those with six months experience as a Linux user.
Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC)
There are currently two levels offered, Junior and Intimediate although both are more advanced courses than the Linux+ one. I think the Junior certification is aimed at those with two years of Linux experience.

For both the Linux+ and the LPIC courses you can study on your own with a textbook in your own time, and take the exam when you are ready. There are many exam centres accross the country. The costs of the exams are similar at approximately £200-ish.