November 2009

How to fix memory stick reader

Sometimes memory stick dies. This is how to bring it back to life. 

1. Check the partition table, to get the impression of the way Linux recognises memory stick as a device.  

# cat /proc/partitions  major minor  #blocks  name     8     0   39070080 sda    8     1   22528296 sda1    8     2     971932 sda2    8     3   15566985 sda3    8    16     976384 sdb    8    17     971901 sdb1 

BringABox: Saturday 12th December 2009

Nokia FarnboroughWe have regular sessions on the second Saturday of each month. Bring a 'box', bring a notebook, bring anything that might run Linux, or just bring yourself and enjoy socialising/learning/teaching or simply chilling out!

Our meeting this month is at Nokia, Farnborough, between 11am and 5pm-ish, another joint meeting with Hants.

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Consider protective module nix mentioned

Don't remember its name, something nix thought would be good for stopping spam.

Review its functionality, consider what options we need, alternatives, make a plan...


Mike: CAPATCHA is loaded and indicates it is blocking some automated registrations - I'll try yo contact nix and see if he remembers....

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Polls don't display properly when 100%

The bar that shows the proportion of votes gets pushed downwards.

A CSS issue perhaps?

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I would like to be able to define terms that should auto-link to another site.  E.g. the word Debian should always autoline to, and Ubuntu to
This would need to be carefully controlled, but properly handled I believe this would improve the user experience, particularly for newer users.

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Check logs for files not found

E.g. zeropoint grey.css


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Static tag cloud

I would like to have a static tag cloud to use as a block or panel.

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Replace IRC Who's Who with a view block from profiles

The IRC Who's Who is a complete joke - completely out of date.  Need to replace with a view based on the IRC Nick's entered on the profile page.

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Mindmapping under Linux


Perhaps everyone knows what mind-maps are, and this page is completely redundant?  A mind-map is simply a graphical representation of your thoughts.  I have to confess that I adore mindmaps, I find them a beautifully elegant and logical way of presenting your thoughts.  I used mind-maps for years on paper, before evening discovering that they had a name, and better still software to create them.  And then I discovered...