September 2009

Paul's Sandbox

This is a test Anyone can play here to experiment without breaking anything important.

Text can me bold,italic,underlined.

Here is a list:
  • First item
  • Something about the price of fish
  • Penguins like fish

Things I should be doing right now:
  1. Work
  2. More work
  3. Not playing with Drupal at my desk

Notes on website discussion group 10 Sept

Later addition up front, to focus on requirements:


  • a website that is welcoming and attractive for new visitors, whether they are seasoned geeks or Windows users who don't even know an alternative might help them
  • a place where the group's calendar of events is available, especially the details of the next meeting
  • somewhere that anyone in the group can contribute knowledge, even though there are likely to be better places to do that on the Internet (some people find global venues intimidating, so a 'local' place where you feel comfortable has its advantages)
  • a site where people can post a little (or a lot) about themselves as a means of introduction

Here's a link to 'architecture':

Notes on website discussion group 10 Sept

These are some temp jottings

Forum is closed.

Hi guys. The forum is temporaly closed till further announcement.

BringABox Saturday 14 March 2009


University of Surrey, Guildford.


Up to 28 people at peak. The day was packed with talks from Hants and Surrey members. Before lunch:

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Do we want a November meet?

100% (21 votes)
No, after 2 meets in October I shall be too tired!
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 21