BringABox Saturday 14 March 2009


University of Surrey, Guildford.


Up to 28 people at peak. The day was packed with talks from Hants and Surrey members. Before lunch:

  • How-To Impress, an introduction to giving talks and presentations - Adam Trickett
  • Beginner talks at Bring-a-Box meetings - AnthonyR
  • Developing Nicely: Digital Photography on Linux - Tony Whitmore

After lunch:

  • Websites with style, Drupal style ("Look what I did with my LAMP stack, Mummy!") - JohnW
  • Installing Ubuntu on a PlayStation 3 - Richard Crossley
  • Hacking [Webconverger] for fun and profit - Freaky Clown
  • Providing updates without an internet connection - Desmond Armstrong
  • Dual-booting the eeePC - Desmond Armstrong