November 2006

Lost Root Password

This was a post by Paul Brook to the mailing list when we discussed accessing system files on a Kubuntu box without root or su access.

For the record, this is how to (re)set a root password without using a live cd: Add

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grub not to be confused with grub2 which is completely different !

Some extracts from the mailing list that need tidying up or pointing to good places that give this same info:

> Later I did an update and the boot order got altered again, so I > had to fix it a second time. It's not a big deal, but I'd like to > know what I'm doing wrong. Windows should stay as the default (top) option if you move it to above the line:

BringABox 11th November 2006


Another good turnout of around 14 with a few new faces to greet and make welcome.


Red Hat, Guildford



gave us an interesting talk on HAL and the Gnome power manager (for which he is author and maintainer). He followed up on how to submit bug reports on Linux software. And how not to! :)

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