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Software Engineer. Currently specialising in Java (SE and EE). I write applications running on top of Tomcat in Java 6 using Spring, Hibernate etc. with an SQL back end (usually MySQL or MS SQLServer). I have also worked writing C at the start of my programming career (so yes, I understand pointers).

I run a Linux home server, Linux media centre and a Linux laptop. I've been using Linux since 1999. I run Fedora on all my machines. The media centre runs Freevo on an ASRock ION-330. The Server is running Dovecot, Samba, WebMail etc. The laptop is an old install that really needs updating!

I've managed Linux installs on 30+ machines when I started my career as a System Programmer, built my own kernels, build numerous applications etc. I can write simple shell and perl scripts and generally manage a RedHat based Linux machine pretty well. Up until recently I have also been able to use Linux for my day to day development work.

I've just started writing Android applications which I hope to start selling soon.

On a less tech front I used to be a keen dinghy sailor until moving to somewhere with no easy access to lakes! (Basingstoke). I like fixing things and solving problems (often the two go hand in hand).And yes I realise that Basingstoke is in Hampshire, but Surrey is pretty near by, and I work in Farnborough which is even closer to Surrey.

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