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Just got a new job working with solaris in the mobile telecoms data area. No more Windows installs and support to deal with and I love it. The only downside is I got a mail today informing the current version of the software is the last one to be supported on SPARC hardware, from now on its all going to be AMD's 64 bit arch on sun hardware. Finally got round to hosting a server (well VPS, but who's counting). With Bitfolk ( and i must say it rocks! Finally a Gallery that doesnt hang because my ADSL line sucks ass biggest windows bugbear in ages. looking up MX records from the cmd line

 @echo off
 echo set type=mx > %temp%\_input.txt
 echo %1 >> %temp%\_input.txt
 echo exit >> %temp%\_input.txt
 nslookup < %temp%\_input.txt
 del %temp%\_input
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