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I'm 55, married, living in Egham, Surrey with my wife and three dogs, Lucky, Woddy and Harry. I work for a local Aerospace company as an Engineering Manager and fist became interested in Linux about a 4+ years ago when describing to one of my software engineers at work, my troubles with a windows re-activation failure following a motherboard replacement in my home desktop (I bricked it!), He handed me a CD with Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty and said try this. I installed it on my desktop and dual booted XP Pro and Feisty. Things got serious with Linux when I got a Netbook and during the Ubuntu install late one night, I trashed my Win XP home partition (Gparted MMI could do with some improvements!). I've been totally Ubuntu for the last 4 years. My aim is to do every thing with Linux that I used to do with Win XP and to get my Wife and Dad converted. Professionally I'm an electronics hardware engineer and only manage software engineers, so dabbling with software and command line stuff is exciting and new. The last time I used a command line was with DOS 6.22. I hope to learn a lot from the Surrey LUG, I think Linux has a real future in my professional career as my company tries to reduce its IT operating costs. I've been keeping a eye on the Surrey LUG Website and have already benefited, I'm now using Mindmap at work every day! Cheers Dave
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