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Making the Wireless LED work on an ipw2200 Centrino Laptop with Ubuntu

Started by PaulStimpson

On the mailing list I asked

My laptop is a Centrino box (P4m-1.5/915GM chipset/Intel ProWireless 2200BG Wi-Fi card.) The wireless works fine with Ubuntu and Kubuntu (except for the wireless button not lighting up - which is a bit of a pain in the bum as I can't tell whether the wireless card is enabled, whether it's been switched off with the kill button or if it's searching/connected without using the network app.) With Mepis 6.0 (which is based on Ubuntu) the LED flashes when the card is enabled but not associated and is on constantly when the card is associated. How does Mepis do it please?

Jack Knight offered the following words of wisdom which fixed the problem

If you want the wireless LED to light up when the ipw2200 module loads edit the file:


and add:

options ipw2200 led=1

.. to the end of the file. You will then need to do:

sudo rmmod ipw2200


sudo modprobe ipw2200

to reload the module with the option. Be warned that this


any existing wireless connection you have open.