August 2010

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Bring_A_Box: 11th December 2010

 Nokia, Farnborough

  • Time: 11am - 5pm-ish
  • Location: Nokia, Farnborough, Hampshire
  • Travel info and directions: SeeBringABox/NokiaSouthwood

Don't forget to send next-of-kin details to robert dot beattie at nokia dot com, subject heading "Linux meeting"

Bring-A-Box: 13th November 2010

This month we returned to Red Hat's Farnborough offices, for a joint meeting with Hants, well attended with around 35 of us. 

According to one utterly reliable participant, Freaky Clown turned up, everyone bowed and greeted Him as their New Master, He said something prophetic, people ahhh'd and worshipped Him, then He had to leave and people cried and stuff.

Bring-A-Box: 9th October 2010

Another great meeting at Nokia, thanks to Bob for hosting us so regularly.  A joint meeting with Hants, much discussion and peering over shoulders.  No talks this time, but in the presentation room JohnW unboxed his ASRock ION 330-HT, purchased that morning, and installed Ubuntu.  Since it's well known that John never buys new kit and considers 1GHz to be blindingly fast, conjecture is widespread that he's been abducted by aliens and substituted.

Bring-A-Box: 11th September 2010

Venture Inn, ReigateThis was a successful, if rather cosy (!), meeting at the Venture Inn, in Reigate.  Seven of us arrived and had a great time, plus excellent Thai food, reasonably priced.  Read more details on the archive page.

Pub details and map.  Note that doors don't open until NOON.