Bring_A_Box: 11th December 2010

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 Nokia, Farnborough

  • Time: 11am - 5pm-ish
  • Location: Nokia, Farnborough, Hampshire
  • Travel info and directions: SeeBringABox/NokiaSouthwood

Don't forget to send next-of-kin details to robert dot beattie at nokia dot com, subject heading "Linux meeting"

  • 13:00 Amazon Kindle
  • 14:30 Desmond on AIR
  • 15:00 John on Wiki
  • 15:45 OsdeInfo on Meego
  • 16:00 Bill - IT-Can-Help a network which aims to help UK disabled people, where computers may enhance their quality of life.

asus eee meego netbook

asus eee meego netbook

asus eee meego netbook

Get those Christmas talks prepared, so we can all have a great time!  Nokia has excellent presentation facilities, as well as a big comfy seating area for chatting while you try out the latest software and discuss your problems!