February 2010

How long before the Prezi app is ported to run on Linux ?

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Assistive Technologies in Linux

This KB article is currently a place-holder. It is meant to be populated with information regarding setting up the assistive functions in Linux (larger mouse pointers, text-to-voice/screen readers, screen magnification for partially sighted, etc). Setup recipes should/could be classified under desktop environment or even distribution-specific headings where applicable.

Please feel free to add/edit/delete to this article as needed!



IPv6 or IPng (next generation) is the new addressing system for the internet due to replace IPv4 which is quickly becoming fully allocated.


An IPv6 brief was considered at the BaB meeting at Nokia on 13 February 2010.  The presentation is attached here.

This server is IPv6 ready and has the address: 2001:470:1f09:82b::4


Free Digital (SSL) Certificates

Digital certificates are use to encrypt or sign your email, secure web servers, email servers or identify you in client software (such as vpn clients or web clients).

Digital certificates can also be costly, but fortunately - an organisation exists to issue free digital certificates. As this is all about being assured a persons identity is being used by that same person, you will need to be assured - that means proving to a few other people you are who you say you are.

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Surrey LUG featured in Linux Format Magazine!

In the ever popular Linux Format Magazine issue LXF129 March 2010 we get our 15 minutes of fame!

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