November 2005

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Voice Over IP

Some notes from the mailing list about VoIP, need tidying up and extending:

On 13 Nov 2005, Paul S wrote:

Does anybody here have any experience of SIP VoIP telephony please? I'm in work and have a challenge:

 *I'm behind a corporate firewall 
 *The only way out is via the HTTP or FTP proxy 
 *Chances of getting an SIP proxy installed are very low 
 *Skype does work here but their Linux support is pretty poor 

In a perfect world I'd like to:

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Doze to Tux

Extracted from mailing list thread "I want my wife to be a guinea pig", decide on a good page name and then revise to be a page about migrating from Doze to Tux.

BringABox 12 November 2005

Informal meeting, with several boxes and general chat.

Juergen was installing Puppy Linux (a very interesting distro, only 60Mb, but lots of capability by taking a no-bloatware approach, e.g. AbiWord instead of Open Office).

Casper needed to get some files from a Mac hard drive, Ubuntu did the job easily, then he transferred them to his own laptop via SSH.

Clive was handing out CDs and raving about the VMware Player.

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Apache Tips

This page describes some of the things I have learnt about Apache from using it for four years.

Apache reports out of disk space when not

If Apache refuses to start with one of the following two errors in the error log:

 (28)No space left on device: Couldn't create accept lock