Pub Meet - Friday 15 July

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A few of us from IRC are meeting up at the White House Pub in Guildford on Friday evening.

We have chosen this venue as being fairly close to Guildford station.

This is a very informal gathering. By informal I do of course mean disorganised. In fact the only organisation that I am offering is a guarantee that I will be there from 7pm through to 8.30pm (probably later, if there isn't a general demand to move elsewhere).

I haven't organised anything with the pub, and the pubs in Guildford do get very busy on Fridays so do be prepared for a crowded Friday night pub, the likelihood of no seating and, well general chaos.

I assume some of us will try and obtain something in the way of food either at the White House or elsewhere at some stage, but we'll see what people feel like at the time.

I will have some sort of Linux or Perl book with me for identification for those that don't remember me (it has been a while!).

I hope to see you some of you there!

Chris Roberts chrisjrob

Start Date: 
Friday, July 15, 2016 - 19:00