Speeding up Fedora boot time

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Got really fed up with my Fedora laptop taking ages to boot up.  Well it seems ages, however if you are used to Windows, its fast, but with, say, Ubuntu, its slow.  Anyway...

In the end this was really easy to achieve.  In a nutshell I did this:  
  • cd /lib/systemd/system
  • for i in fedora*storage* lvm2-monitor.* mdmonitor*.*; do systemctl mask $i;done
  • systemctl mask sendmail.service
  • systemctl mask bluetooth.service
  • systemctl mask ip6tables.service
  • cd /etc/init.d
  • for i in livesys livesys-late spice-vdagentd ; do chkconfig $i off;done
Be careful with the lvm2 and mdmonitor services.  I do not use lvm on my Fedora install, so have no need for the lvm2 service (I’ve never seen the point to lvm on a desktop).   The bluetooth and ip6tables are self explanatory, and again I use neither.  I suspect that the main boot hog was the lvm service as this would be wasting time searching for lvm volumes which are not there.   There are loads of other things options open to you, but this got the boot down to less that 15 seconds, which is fast enough for me.